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Ice Age/Bear
This is at the tail end of a long dream that I can't really remember much of.

We live in village in the woods and there is an ice age coming. Everyone has decided to - basically - curl up and die. All the people are going to their homes and getting into beds and waiting for the snow to overtake them where they will be frozen to death. I'm supposed to be preparing. The bed is ready, I'm waiting for my boyfriend. I take off my boots and throw my phone out into the yard. I'm climbing into the bed when I realize, we won't live through the ice age, but that's no reason we couldn't try to live longer natural lives. If we lay down, we'll freeze and starve and that will be painful. It'll go on forever. I pull my boots back on and run out to retrieve my phone. My boyfriend arrives. He's ready to lay down. I tell him my plan. We can surround our home with layers of wood and keep a fire for as long as possible and heat in our home. We can take everyone's food after they lay down. We can LIVE. He gets a jolt of excitement and agreement. We talk about the possibilities.

We have a brown bear. I keep putting outside like a cat. It's big, then it's small, it's like a pet, then it's like a dangerous beast. If we stay awake, we'll keep it like a pet. We'll feed it so it doesn't eat us. But now my BF is having second thoughts. What if we get hurt, it will be a worse way to die. Let's just give in. I shove the bear out the door with my foot - he'll eat US if we keep him in here when we lay down. It climbs back in through the window. I kick it out again. It's getting hungry, there's a baby crying upstairs in the next house. The bear is going to eat it. I try to convince BF, let's just TRY. We can live long lives, even if we won't see the end of the ice age. It starts to snow heavily. It's beginning. We still haven't decided. The bathtub is full. We're supposed to dip ourselves in it then lay down to sleep/die/freeze like everyone else has. I don't want to die. We can keep the bear, it will feed us eventually. Then when it dwarfs (?) we can use it's pouch of fat for energy and painting materials (??). Let's go get wood! Back and forth we argue. In and out the bear goes.

My alarm went off and we still hadn't decided.
This made me giggle NADW Smile

We've been discussing a big move across the country. Set a date this past weekend. The purpose of the move is mainly for the health of my career. He'd be happy staying where we are. So that seems right on.

I'm so not good at interpretations...thanks for the input!

(04-28-2015, 10:56 AM)NADW Wrote: This dream Xee screams of an uncertainty in the longevity of your relationship... "settling in after the honey moon phase".

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