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horse show
Was at a  horse show walking out a strange reining pattern.  It was a small circle with two obstacles in the center to work around.  I asked a couple questions and went to get my horse.  Someone brought him to the show for me.  They didn’t bring my show gear just work gear.  The guy put his saddle on for me.  He had put in on and then slid it forward. So I took it off and put it back on.  Horse was being skittish about it which was understandable since its been so long since he was ridden.  The guy then took the saddle back off and told me I was doing it wrong and telling me how to properly place a saddle.  i told him I know what im doing.  I made a point of making sure people know my horse is 40 years old and he was born February 26, 1976. Cinched the saddle up and found he didn’t even bring his bridle so all I had was a hack.  Then for some reason horse is loose and running around.

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