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Train to Staten Island, NYC, from DC
No incubation intention last night. Busy, stressful week so just wanted to relax into a nice dream state.
Some day residue came through, which I was aware in my dream state (which is blending more into a waking conscious state as I journal).
A male figure that reminds me of Daniel Craig (DC) the James Bond star, is waiting at a train station for the ticket counters to open. I am there to get a ticket home, he is getting one for NYC and Staten island. It looks like we are in an older station  reminiscent of the 1930's.
I start chatting with the male figure I'll call DC. he is pleasant, handsome, emotionally neutral in an odd, detached way,almost inhuman. We are at the station bar having a drink [day residue from a movie I watched last evening].
The ticket windows open and I follow this man there. I see him go to window(s) 80 -81.
that seemed important-metaphorical, dates/timing perhaps.
I look for ticket windows to Seattle yet can't find any. I see some over to the side and go over but the ticket agents are busy; not recognizing any customers.
I get frustrated as I don't want to miss my train.
I look for DC, he may have an explanation.
I see him with his tickets boarding his train. He looks at me with that distant, detached look. Steely eyes.
Everything goes dark.
I wake up in my sleep in my own car that is parked in an alley.
I've been asleep for a very long time. I find a penny on the seat next to me dated 1932.
How long? Who put me in my car? What am I doing covered with layers of seaweed/kelp? [metaphor alert- waves/inundation? iodine-radiation prevention tx? veils of unconsciousness like a program shut down-internet kill switch type]]
Well the seaweed cover kept me warm all this time. i threw it off and out the door- wait! The door is gone!
The steering wheel is just a metal stump. My car has been vandalized? No, its been parked for many years while I was sleeping. [metaphor alert- car-self= asleep, hidden from the truth-shut down?]
I try to sit up but can't I've been immobile for too long. Stiff.
I start the car and it runs! The clutch still works too. With limited flexibility, I try to get out of the alley but can only get it into reverse. Can't get out of the alley too many brick walls.
I manage to get home somehow.
The first thing I look for is a mirror. Where is a mirror I need to see how I have aged over the time asleep. Do I have white hair now? I can't find a mirror.
Now I am in a motorized wheelchair as my legs have atrophied. I've become an activist to wake others up. I am discovering about the way the universe is really working, not the hologram; somehow I learned all of this aboard the train.
I have a peace flag in my hand at a rally as I ride around in my wheelchair crying out to people to hear the facts that will wake them up to a greater truth.I don't want the rally to get violent. Yet......
I look over to my right to see DC again. He still has that same detached steely look in his eyes. He is watching, observing. He hasn't aged a day since I first met him!! Is he alien, supernatural or what? Is he influencing the minds of the crowd?

My sense in the dream is that an event took place, like a disaster, which explains why everything went dark-unconscious. Was it a nuclear event causing a tidal wave? Or a natural disaster like a volcano eruption causing the sky to go dark and earth movement....that could also be day residue from recent news.
Upon awakening this morning and still groggy I heard "Council of nine".

This caused me to journal and document the dream. I wasn't going to and chalk it up as a personal healing dream. it might be intertwined. I sense there is a bit of subliminal influence going on.
Message From the Council of Nine

The Council of Nine

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