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5/3/15 Red Alert: Filming Class + Barry Missing
Okay, I think we’ve got enough overlap by now to declare a Red Alert on CLASS and the bigger School meme. Today we not only see CLASS again, but also that word’s twin, CLASSES. Get this, they are both at the top next to FILMING. Remember yesterday, it was just FILM. BARRY is also in on the mix here, but it’s hard to tell if he’s connected at all with our expected future headline. After all, the School meme does extend at least down to DEGREE, which is below Group 2 (i.e., where BARRY is).

If BARRY isn’t connected to school, then we have a different question: Is he MISSING REALITY or does he actually go MISSING altogether?!! One thing is for sure, BARRY has AGED quite a bit. Don’t believe your eyes, though because they clearly change the old President’s hair in the second term to make it look like that position is really making a lot wear and tear. As much makeup and public prepping that these idiots do, don’t you think they would have black hair dye to make him look younger? No way. That’s not the image they want to portray. The President WILL have gray hair by the second term….go back and look at all the rest of ‘em, and you’ll see what I mean.

In Group 3, it looks like there will be a big wave of abortion issues, probably having to do with Obamacare. What else could PREGNANT DEAD PROGRAM mean?

It’s so interesting how everything is paired up today. BAG and BAGS, CLASS and CLASSES, DAUGHTER and FEMALE, FILMING and FILM, DOVE and BIRD, etc. That stood out to me, and I believe that could be significant.

[Image: 20150503%20filming%20class.jpg]

UP Words:     virtual days filming bag class dove classes barry rift missing reality test aged degree saving hour filling yellow sat schedule river pregnant dead program party holiday landing support purple nervous upstairs cool bags

DOWN Words:   effect earth style ahead looks mon ram bar daughter ending probably elevator blank image weekly bird crazy parking female spirit wed figure hiding film camp hide symbol garage fat annoying room april giving farm necklace

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