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Leeann pizza
Im not sure if I was at moms or mom was at my house. Leeann was coming over for dinner.  she is the mother of one of my daughter's besties and my daughter's boss at one of her jobs. The house was a wreck. Mom was cleaning. Every dish was in the sink. Piles of dishes on the counters. Some even on the floor by the sink.  There was even a little table in the sink. I had ordered a couple pizzas, but forgotten leeann was coming. I was sitting in a blue recliner and when I remembered she was coming I pulled a pizza out of the chair that wasn't even in a box and I was like well we’ll eat this one while we’re waiting for another to get here.  When leeann got there she was with her mom instead of her fiancé. I was surprised.  I said excuse the mess we are rearranging the kitchen.  She said oh no problem.  When she left her fiancé came with their daughter.  We ordered more pizza.  I excused the kitchen mess again.
"house is a wreck" being symbolism for the fact that they had argued all day about their relationship. thanks NADW.
In the new site, I was going to use a special TAG code to symbolize a dream come true. Perhaps #CAME TRUE would be appropriate. That way, in the Tag cloud you'd hopefully see a big #CAME TRUE and then you would simply click on it to see all the dreams and lingo that has come true. Unfortunately, I don't have a point system yet nor a ranking mechansim for dreamers. That'll be stage 2 or 3 of the new site.

I don't have an answer. I'm personally too busy to handle validations and scoring at the moment, and I'm only getting more busy starting next week. June is even worse, and July will be 3 times worse still. I know this sounds like excuses, but just being real. Maybe a peer review would be sufficient. For example, Still's dream could be validated by NADW, and then send the completion to me to post into the trophy case? So everything would be the same except, it would say "Dream Precognition #1 Validated by xyz."
blessings Chris. thanks for all the work you put in here - ndc is amazing

thanks yall Big Grin
HUGE hit! Still, this is a trip, as I just now remember reading this news report at UK Mail site. Cyber-bouquet indeed.

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