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Magic in the Air
Posted in the DreamBase by ShadowSoul:

May 8, 2015 (No Intention)

My husband and I were visiting with some quite rich people and they had a wonderful kitchen. I had these two work benches facing each other, each with a separate sink. There was plenty of room between the work benches for people to move. There were also two big stand-alone cutting boards next to these work benches.

The owners sat down on the couch in the living room, and I suddenly realized that my older step-daughter was sitting in between them as if she was their family member. I got the feeling that she was really rich too, as if she was sharing their family riches. Perhaps they adopted her or she married into the family?

I went upstairs to rest on the couch. Their orange tabby cat came up and was really friendly. Then, I was suddenly seeing this bluish mist in the air. It formed itself into balls that I could hold fleetingly. Just then the owners came up the stairs and the mist disappeared, but not fast enough. They could see that it was there and asked me if I thought it was amazing. I said yes. The cat got a bit agitated and attacked the man briefly...

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