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Restaurant a recuiting center for basketball players, must have French Onion Soup
No intention, dreamed on 5/09. I don't think there's anything of significance, I'm posting this in case it causes overlaps that will show up in the language runs.

In my dream, I am a basketball coach. My job is to find ways to recruit players to my team. I am apparently in charge of a small team; I don't know if its a college team or some sort of club team. We are trying to get a foreign contingent of players, but need a way of attracting the players. The plan is to buy out a restaurant, that will be used to attract the foreign players because the restaurant will offer foods that are native to their culture. We already have a Senagalese player, and want to be able to attract more players from that area. But we aren't limiting ourselves to that area. The restauarant that is targeted is already a popular restaurant. To keep the idea afloat, and to maintain secrecy in the project, it is not only necessary to attract the players by having their native foods, we must also keep the existing base of customers happy by providing the signature dish of the current restaurant. The restaurant must remain profitable. The signature dish of the restaurant is French onion soup, which I will have to become an expert in cooking, since I am going to be the cook. We will buy out the current owners, but they will not continue to work. We don't want to change the name of the place (I don't know what the place was), which means we have to keep their signature dish on the menu, and it has to be as good or better than the current dish. I will additionally have to learn how to cook ethnic dishes from various parts of the world so we can attract players that might otherwise get passed up by other major teams.

I am in the process of cooking a sample of soup when my alarm goes off to wake me up.

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