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volcano cave
I saw 2 women in a log house on a ranch. the younger wore an amber tshirt and underwear. there was a volcano exploding on the horizon.  it was like they didn't see it.  the ground was wet, but they went outside and slept on it.  it was a full moon.

the younger one was playing with what looked like a mouse but it was a bear.  she covered it in a pile of white snow and watched.  when the bear didn't come out after a bit, she uncovered it and gave it CPR.  then she played with the snow.  it wasn't snow at all. it was ash.  she tasted it.  she walked to the other door and went inside.

she looked around the house like she thought she heard someone inside.  a man came out of the bathroom and said "wheres mom"  she said "still outside sleeping".

they went to a cave on a 4-wheeler.  they had supplies in the cave.

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