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5/14/15 Wasting Canyon Storms

For more details about these DreamBot runs, please see:

UP Words:     wasting canyon storms roger choose ancient successful dream stop induced process enjoy especially weekly wed class detail golden village till brief cold appearing pass already backlog sanity elaborate washroom casino taylor possibly continue

DOWN Words:   height hey wait wont getting low men train surface save blank teeth leaving smoke edge basic pulled were sun straight beach deep been mum when fighting dad boat yeah lake burned flew bored foul shadow
I can't tell if the canyon storms will be wasting (destroying) something, or whether the designers of the canyon storm will be wasting the opportunity they created. WASTING is a Red Alert word, and it has a smidgeon of support in the word BACKLOG (Uh, yeah, not really....I deleted the Red Alert).

The recent train incident produced day residue in the DOWN words with this phrase: "getting low men train surface save blank teeth leaving smoke"

The VILLAGE from before, you know....the one that was going to burn or did burn in Hawaii, is now considered GOLDEN. Is this another Pompeii incident coming? 
Yesterday - backlog peoples question thinking
Today - already backlog sanity elaborate
May 9th - longest verify true backlog test demon line paranoid field
Paranoid field fits the backlog theme

Eagle, do you know what was surrounding Backlog on the 10th and 11th? I assume it was in the "middle zone"unseen?
"Taylor" is in a lot of runs!
"taylor possibly continue" could point to either the medical miracle of a girl in today's headlines or the NFL dude that's in trouble for sex with a 13yr. old daughter of his girlfriend and a friend of her, but not sure.
Has "class" beat "agent" in a contest for most-active meme, yet? Seems it's day after day...

"stop induced process" grabbed my attention. Sounds hopeful because I'm living with things like J.Helm in-mind much of the time.

"wasting canyon storms" is this talking to the weather-modification engineers?!

Top of the DOWN list reverberating the horrible train accident.

"foul shadow" now. is that three in-a-row, well close together anyway.

"backlog" has been in a lot of runs, too. It this a reflection of life being so dang busy that we all live that way, often? Or with a generic word like this could they actually all or a lot of them belong together?

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