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Still's Trophy Case
Confirmed and Scored by Windy 5/6/2015 8:37pm

Dream from Still: Leeann for Pizza
5/5/2015 12:55pm Im not sure if I was at moms or mom was at my house. Leeann was coming over for dinner. she is the mother of one of my daughter's besties and my daughter's boss at one of her jobs. The house was a wreck. Mom was cleaning. Every dish was in the sink. Piles of dishes on the counters. Some even on the floor by the sink. There was even a little table in the sink. I had ordered a couple pizzas, but forgotten leeann was coming. I was sitting in a blue recliner and when I remembered she was coming I pulled a pizza out of the chair that wasn't even in a box and I was like well we’ll eat this one while we’re waiting for another to get here. When leeann got there she was with her mom instead of her fiancé. I was surprised. I said excuse the mess we are rearranging the kitchen. She said oh no problem. When she left her fiancé came with their daughter. We ordered more pizza. I excused the kitchen mess again.
News: Updated 9:53 PM ET, Wed May 6, 2015
Florida mother held hostage uses online pizza order to ask for help
A woman who was held hostage in Florida ordered a pizza with a special request to send help -- potentially saving her life and the lives of her children.
Cheryl Treadway was held by her boyfriend at knifepoint Monday afternoon, along with her three children, authorities said.
She persuaded him to let her use a cell phone to order a pepperoni pizza online from Pizza Hut, according to authorities.
"Under the comments section, there was a message asking them to send help and call 911 as they were being held hostage," the Highlands County Sheriff's Office said in a statement.
When Treadway's order came in, Pizza Hut employees knew who she was because she is a frequent customer. And her message raised an alarm.
"We've never seen that before," restaurant manager Candy Hamilton told CNN affiliate WFLA. "I've been here 28 years and never, never seen nothing like that come through."
The restaurant chain sent authorities to her house in Highlands County, where Treadway greeted them, carrying a child.
"She related to deputies that her boyfriend, Ethan Nickerson, was in the home armed with a knife and that her other two children were also in the home with him," authorities said.
They escorted her to safety and coaxed Nickerson to come out peacefully. After some resistance, he emerged 20 minutes later, and the other children were removed from the home unharmed.
An arrest report stated that the couple had been arguing all day, and the suspect allegedly was armed with a large knife.
Treadway tried to leave to pick up the children from school, but the suspect would not let her, authorities said. He accompanied her to school instead.
When they returned, she begged him to let her order pizza. As soon as she completed the transaction, he grabbed the phone from her, the affiliate reported.
"I don't know if I ever would have thought of it. I mean it's just something that she did so naturally," Lt. Curtis Ludden told the affiliate. "The boyfriend never knew about it until he saw us coming around the corner."
Nickerson, 26, was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, battery, false imprisonment and obstructing justice by depriving communication to law enforcement.
He was in jail Wednesday morning, with bail set at $45,000, according to Chris Lewis at the sheriff's office.
It was unclear whether Nickerson had retained an attorney, Lewis said.
His first court appearance is on June 1.
Dream vs News Facts:
NEWS: In two places on the pizza order the woman asked for help call 911.
DREAM: In Still’s dream she ordered two pizza’s
Number of times pizza ordered is correct +1.0
NEWS: The couple had been arguing all day
DREAM: Still in the dream had every dish dirty, the house was a mess.
Metaphor for messy house, not recognized before hand -.50
NEWS: Mom is the person described in the news
DREAM: Mom listed in the dream
NEWS: The father of the children is now in custody
DREAM: Leanna was with her mother instead of her Fiancé
What: 5.0 -.50 = 4.5
5 – The MAIN Subject and Verb of the real life story are both exactly predicted by the dream, and at least one other main descriptor (noun, verb, adjective, adverb, color, height, weight, etc.) is also exactly correct. (Note: none may be inferred from the prediction…it must be spelled out ahead of time, e.g., “goes awry” or “happens badly” are NOT valid descriptors).
When: 4.0 + .50 for within 24 hours. = 4.5
4 – Correct WEEK….Event manifested in the correct week of the correct month and year that was predicted. (the news has been updated to show may 6[sup]th[/sup], and was found by NAWD on 5/6/2015 which is one day off from the dream, the earliest news event that could be found online is 5:51 AM, MAY 6, 2015,  Still’s dream was listed on 5/5/2015, even though the dream happened within a 24 hour time period for this I am adding +.50)
Where: 1 -.50 = .50
1 – Correct CONTINENT….exact continent was correctly predicted
Still lives in the US and the news took place in FL., although the location was not noted in the dream at all. -.50
Final scores:
What 4.5
When 4.5
Where .50

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