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5/16/15 Spiders Biting at the Portal
Trending:     taxi regular mrs bite fri wonder spider knows portal metal rats yeah race medical noise peoples thursday drag university bare underneath outdoors summary plastic etc therefore neighborhood link chased 2015 available wow links

Waning:   sound surrounded ice car male snake were silent symbol corner raven great follow took pull sorry golden sun driving soul hide holding april save phone technique giving mum fail important wild view successful class terror

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There's something in this run that just seems poignant to extract, but I am just failing in doing so. The reason for my failure? Cause I can't stop thinking about personal trip to Virginia Beach.

Focus, Eagle!

There are some things that stick out in this run. First of all, APRIL again! Sherriann, are you getting this? April 2016 yet again. There is absolutely no reason for us to still be seeing April in our runs. No reason whatsoever.

TAXI is the first word. A taxi takes us from one place to another, but never for free. It usually costs something in order to use the service. So, at a collective level, where are needing to go, who will be the taxi, and how much will it cost? Of course, the word TAXI might easily be pointing us to a big news story...I don't think it's day residue, because nothing big came up on a google search.

Continuing the School meme: "drag university bare underneath"

Yesterday's run is almost duplicated in the biggest loser section....Raven and Terror, etc.
I like your thoughts about the taxi Eagle. Great questions.
Many would associate the animals present in this run with a negative light. Rats, raven, spider and snake.
I find the word peoples instead of people interesting.
Sometimes I wonder if "class" can mean group, level or classification instead of always meaning an education type of class.
My imperfect memory thought another run this week said that "class failed" or close to it. Now we have "successful class terror." Is this talking of coming re-education camps or not? Sure has sounded likely but could be calling some other type of experience a "class." Afterall, life itself is a big school with plenty of tests.

"drag race noise" and it may be at a "univsersity." Then again we do have "class" in this run, too.

Still! 2015 in dreams, well this is a shemitah year and likely "the" year that the subversives make their main move they've been posturing for in the last 7, and some would say 70 years, of course.

"snake" and "raven" and "follow, pull, driving" I need ideas! read the wizard.

Ooh, Twiceblessed, great point, "Sometimes I wonder if "class" can mean group, level or classification instead of always meaning an education type of class."

My problem is that sometimes I forget that it could be a reference to first or second class or class warfare.
So, "successful class terror" could also be civil war between the have-nots/entitlement crowd and the "haves" so to speak. Or....the war on the middle class, also. It's been ongoing during barry's entire time in office.
Just wanted to notate that bite was in this run and may have replaced teeth which has been in many runs lately. Teeth is back again in the May 17th run. Wait, I thought teeth was there it isn't. Ooops! No, wait again. I found it!! haha it is at the end of the up words but not in the blue section. Oops Oops! hahaha (I KNEW I had seen it for May 17th). Tongue
Go on about your day people, just go on about your day...( beings whistling to herself)
1. Eagle I think April still refers to something that happened or set up in 2015.
2. I agree with Windy on WONDER SPIDER- [mythical/magical creature of power] KNOWS PORTAL - was spiderman a bad guy or a good guy?
3. MEDICAL NOISE, PEOPLES, DRAG, UNIVERSITY, BARE, UNDERNEATH, BITE- all tell me that some 'new' ailment is developed (university lab?) or at a university starting point, where peoples are bitten on their bare underneath, then get sick- new vaccines/medical intervention rescues the day. May not be a spider or snake but rather a mosquito or tick.- OUTDOORS< NEIGHBORHOOD.
4. SONY, GOLDEN SUN- John Kerry in S Korea railing at the rats of N Korea in the land of the golden sun about bad cyber behavior- could be day residue.
5.RAVEN is a mythical creature that messages between worlds. (precious?) META\L, RAT, RACE(s) may be a signaling a change is coming in a WOW moment.
Metal, portal, university, available, golden, link

Golden shipping container transports Americans to parts unknown
AFP By Robert Macpherson
6 hours ago

"His goal is to have gilded 20-foot shipping containers everywhere, harnessing real-time Internet video technology to help strangers in two distant places to become acquaintances."

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