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Tsunami(s) coming
Resort area along the Mexican coast.
Second wave was larger than the first, more damage. At the hotel lobby asking where the epicenter of the earthquake was yet all guests were clueless of any news. it was totally unexpected.

May 17, pm and am. Incubate for clarity in dream state on this week's events. No metaphors, just events.
I'm sure glad to hear from you! I should've PM'ed ya to say this before seeing a post.
Oh man....did I mis- or understand you that you incubated for this week and this is what you got?
I just told someone on here, anyway it "feels" like a major quake may hit anytime and I don't know why? I stopped paying attention to feelings on quakes years ago, or tried to do so. They hit a few times when I felt this and I didn't like seeing myself staring at the map, as if the quakes were just a new dot to show up, it felt wrong. Therefore no reason for me to think this is surely intuition, but then...

reading your dream! argh...I have to hope not and yet wonder.
I too had a dream about a tsunami. I went through a time when I had them regularly. But have not had one in years until last week. Think it was the 19th or 20th. I was on a small lake ( where we live )in Washington state. 2 1/2 hours away from the Pacific Ocean. Husband and I were on our pontoon boat and a wall of water hundreds of feet high was heading towards us. I told him calmly we must head to shore. We did eventually after much calm coercion on my part. There were a few other people that ended up on the shore as well. But thing was I was not sure if we were alive or dead after we arrived on shore. One lady was crying because she lost someone. Another family on shore was ok.
When I wake in the morning without an alarm clock, sometimes I will see pictures or scenes. This morning I believe what I saw was a Tsunami. It was a very tall huge wall of water moving forward.
What I'm noticing in these tsunami visions/dreams is there is more than one wave.
DLP, I noticed the same thing and kind of scoffed it off because how could a single wave be generated? That's not a snotty statement but rather a legitimate question. If a single 100ft wave comes, wouldn't it be virtually guaranteed that a 50' or 25' wave(s) follow the big first one?

Even if the wave isn't water, but rather a galactic wave....same thing, right? I'm basing that off my knowledge of electricity, and so I really don't know the answers.
According to the Wikipedia entry on tsunamis, there's reference to a tsunami as a series of waves, called a wave train, so you're correct, Eagle.

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