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Overlap dreaming, take 3
In our admittedly limited runs, I've noticed something: When the location is a place the dreamers recognize-even if they have no idea where the location is-the incubated dreams are quite accurate in terms of details. If they don't recognize the location, the dreams aren't very accurate, with bits of details.

So I'm going to add a twist to this whole experiment(there will be others as results pique my curiosity). I'm going to randomly choose locations that are well known even if people haven't been there before, for instance, New York City, with places not well known, for instance a village in Turkey. I'm also going to toss in an occasional topic, just to shake things up occasionally. However, no matter whether a location or a topic is chosen, it will be identified with a number.

I'd like to see if the "known/unkown" factor continues to affect the resulting dreams. That would be interesting in itself, at least to me.

I'm having way too much fun, I think. Big Grin

Going to make a request of the dreamers: Please PM your dreams to me so I can post them all at once in their own thread. That way someone who posts their dream before others won't influence the other participants. Thanks.

Next up: 6412.
just now getting this Smile 7:15 am Saturday. sorry i am definitely already asleep by 3:15 am Tongue
cool! Smile
Y'all have plenty of time. I'm thinking I'll give people a couple days(48 hrs or so), mainly so no one feels pressured.

I'm a major night owl. Always have been. Spouse is a morning person. We've made it work. Big Grin
submitted. I think we should be able to discuss them between ourselves after weve submitted them. in chat or pm.
sounds good. PMing then meet you@chat

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