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10/09/14 Vaccine Caution and Cool Energy
Other than the obscure inference on lines 1 and 2, we've got a relatively exciting bot run today!

Group 1. "Egg Homicide" - call me a conspiracy theorist, and that's totally fine. I love theory and conspiracies are all over the place in today's world, so let's just say, I don't have my blinders on, which I consider to be a good thing... although I will say that sometimes I wish I was completely ignorant on some of these issues. So, to me, Egg Homicide has everything to do with the inevitable "SOLUTION" to the alleged Ebola outbreak. Is there really a Dallas person dead from ebola, or is this all made up? Don't know, but I DO know that some really greedy companies are absolutely salivating at the idea of the hoards of sheep lining up for a poke in the arm. Many conventional vaccines are developed in egg proteins, and I'm thinking that the collective unconscious is either predicting or warning about these egg-based vaccinations...a potential homicide waits in the wings. Not to mention...the chances of "Homicide" making it big in the dreams? Unknown, but that word does seem like a little too cumbersome to be a common dream work.

NOTE: in between groupings 1 and 2 are some interesting words:

- "Prof" -- yesterday, "Professor" made it big with "Murder" ( ), and now today, we have an abbreviation for that word hitting it big too. This time, it's surrounded by "Aliens" and "Invitation."

Group 2: We saw people packing their backpacks on the first of October ( ), and now we see humanity expecting an adventure soon. The adventure itself is about something to which we're inexperienced.

Group 3: "Glad Cool Energy." Look out folks! COLD FUSION is officially in the collective unconscious, and our recent P2 tests might have been the catalyst for this golden opportunity. By the way, Cold Fusion is a form of "free energy" that is very controversial. Mainstream science says it's just theoretical and technically impossible, while alternative science states that not only is it real, but many scientists have been "offed" because of this technology. No matter you view, what is exciting is that "Cool Energy" is officially now in the collective unconscious, which arguably must take place before the future can happen.

Today's punchline may be reduced to this: New energy...HERE WE COME, AND WHAT AN ADVENTURE IT SHALL BE! (and watch out for the ebola vaccine).


Text version:
10/9/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

egg    130.1%    1700.0%
homicidal    114.5%    1200.0%
driverless    105.3%    1100.0%
remind    75.9%    1100.0%
invitation    96.4%    1000.0%
prof    55.5%    1000.0%
aliens    80.9%    700.0%
thursday    77.0%    600.0%
beginner    109.5%    500.0%
wow    214.7%    483.3%
adventure    161.7%    480.0%
travel    134.6%    420.0%
analyze    76.8%    400.0%
figuring    66.9%    400.0%
fellow    52.9%    400.0%
luck    77.6%    366.7%
drunk    90.6%    325.0%
climbing    79.7%    250.0%
grandma    66.1%    233.3%
blind    85.4%    225.0%
impressed    89.5%    220.0%
rough    60.6%    200.0%
sandwich    105.2%    160.0%
brief    83.9%    157.1%
football    68.6%    157.1%
glad    77.1%    142.9%
cool    141.4%    109.7%
energy    70.2%    107.1%
Immigration Officer Sold U.S. Citizenship for Egg Rolls; Sentenced to 30 Months
by Michelle Moons 8 Oct 2014 180 post a comment
A U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) officer has been sentenced to 30 months in federal prison for taking bribes--including thousands of dollars and hundreds of egg rolls--in exchange for providing legal status or U.S. citizenship to foreign nationals.

The FBI, which worked with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General to crack the case, notes that Mai Nhu Nguyen, 48, had been entrusted with “the power to approve or deny applications for immigration benefits that are submitted by immigrants.”

From 2011 through June 2013, the FBI says, Nguyen “solicited and took bribes from Vietnamese immigrants.”

In one case, she took $1,000 from an alien seeking a green card. In another, she accepted 200 egg rolls from a foreigner seeking citizenship.
Jihad Grandma' Takes Family of Eleven to Syria, Leaves Granddad Behind
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Age of Alzheimer’s: Bowling with Grandma
16-year-old boy who is blind fulfills dream of driving
Elon Musk's $2 billion Tesla tweet
By Paul R. La Monica @lamonicabuzz October 8, 2014: 11:44 AM ET

There is also speculation that Tesla may tout new driverless (another D word) technology
Energy Mergers Born of a Production Boom

In Texas, a Fight Over Fracking

As Energy Boom Ends, a Political Identity Crisis in Alaska

NextEra Energy's 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report details clean energy leadership
JUNO BEACH, Fla., Oct. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- NextEra Energy, Inc. (NEE) today released its 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report,
Feds raid gallery suspected of selling smuggled dino eggs
By Alex Goldsmith Published: October 8, 2014, 10:41 pm
Shale Boom Has America Sitting Pretty
Biochemist creates a veggie burger that 'bleeds'
Published October 09, 2014
Eagle1, as Jeff Foxworthy, I think it is, says, "if I'm lyin I'm dyin." Soon as I saw the word "egg" in the list I thought of vaccine development. Yes, and Prof for professor and murder...yes, even Gates has a quote that's likely legitimate that puts vaccines in a short list of how the world population can be decreased.

Conspiracy theorists are ahead of their time, time and time again. The Birchers of the seventies are seeing what they spoke often of, in practice in this ailing nation of ours.
will Great grandma work here?
Police: Fist Fight Between Great Grandmothers In Hospital Maternity Ward
October 10, 2014 12:20 PM
Seven NJ high school football players charged in connection with hazing
Published October 11, 2014
Associated Press
'I'm a free woman now,' says Calif. grandmother wrongfully convicted of killing 17 years ago
Published October 11, 2014
Associated Press
"Aliens" in this bot run may be illegal aliens, and "invitation" is likely because of course that huge invasion of them across the border from several South American countries, all at the same time brought proof they were invited. One young lady was asked why they came, and she said because they were told to. She said in her country there were tv commercials about coming or sending one's kids, so they did.

Man! bummer to even see this headline, but here it is and it fits very well here, true or not. Oh, I am sorry that I do find this believable, for evil knows no bounds, but here it is, and the date is October 11th, on it.

I'm having a hard time getting sleepy, yet I need to crash soon. As if finding THIS is gonna help me get to sleep any faster. I know, I need to meditate yet I want to surf the net a bit more, but will kick myself in the morn., I know.

Sigh, this is believable for many reasons. San Antonio? sure....Dallas was hit with first Ebola case and Texas is honestly the "most likely to secede" state in our nation. Not saying that because I'm native Texan but because it's true. Hit the truly renegade state, I get it.
Add in driverless to egg and homicidal:

egg + homicidal + driverless = out of control
Thank you, yes! your equation is what I need to keep in mind, in that I'm as literal as a person with common sense intelligence can be. First time I saw "driverless' in the list I thought immediately of those new, nutty driverless cars.

My weakest point that I see at this time, concerning this website is my lack of being "fluent" with the symbolism of the terms. I'll get there, haphazardly as it may be.
Yeah, we're watching for this vaccination chatter to accelerate.
Hmmmm. Let's do some funny money calculations.

If I can scare enough politicians into them forcing vaccines onto everybody in the country, then how much money could I make?

First off, how much are vaccines? The first result on Google said, "Typically $10, but vaccines are subsidized." What a crock. Why can't they just TELL US how much it costs?!

Okay, next result says that most of the vaccines are north of $100 per shot.

In fact, something so unique as ebola, $200 would be more likely. Many of those more recent vaccines on the list are about $140 to $160. So why don't we go with $150.

Okay now we take 300 million people and multiply by $150. Answer: "45" with 9 zeros after it!

The vaccines companies would gross $45,000,000,000....that's 45 BILLION DOLLARS. That alone is a fantastic reason to push this fear down everyones' throats.

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