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About the National Dream Center
First off, welcome to the National Dream Center


In general, the National Dream Center collects and analyzes dreams primarily for their predictive characteristics. Dreams are well-known for mirroring back our true selves, helping us determine what kind of world we are actually creating. Additionally, many of us have one, many, or a continuous stream of undeniable, precognitive dreams (those that accurately predict the future). In short, our dreams are our future!

Therefore, we need your help. We need your dreams so that we can better piece together where humanity is headed. What is our vector and will we like our destiny? Our publicly-searchable database is the special place for all our glorious and not-so glorious dreams. Even those dreams that don't seem to apply to anything in the real world are still helpful to us because we also linguistically analyze the collective dreams to identify trends across the broader world dreamscape. These bigger trends sometimes show us what humanity has been watching on TV, but sometimes these themes play out in future headlines.

You can help us in several ways.

First, we'd like you to log your dreams with us…it’s free! Simply register for an account, log in, and then head to this forum:

As you get more comfortable with the daily DreamBot runs, you might enjoy helping to interpret the results. The DreamBot goes out on the web daily to look at what everyone has dreamed throughout the night. The words high on the list are typically considered "Hot" trends in the collective dreamscape. The obvious questions to ask is, "Why are so many people dreaming about that word?" Sometimes our discussions bring salient awareness to possible future events. Not only are these theoretical discussions fun but they are also enlightening to most readers because of all the hidden (but mostly important) news and events happening around the globe.

Third, once you get well-established in the two items above, you might consider becoming a full-up DreamForecaster. DreamForecasters (DFs) look at actual dream content and compare that to the daily DreamBot results in order to better predict what is going to happen in the future. Ideally, our DF predictions should have the following components: WHAT (a main subject and verb), WHERE, and WHEN.

As always, you can always have the option of just sitting back and casually providing your two cents whenever your intuition encourages you to do so. Relax and enjoy the dream journey!

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