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white out / black out
I had a neighbor who was a wheelchair bound little person and he usually only came out of his house when no one was around - and always when I was taking a walk. He would just appear next to me - walking (I was the only one to see him walk). He was barely a foot or two off the ground and he would give me all kinds of information about the strange happenings. He was clairvoyant and some kind of techie genius. He knew lots of events in advance and he said, "Tomorrow when people awake, there will be a blanket of white fogso thick you can't see. People will go crazy, but wait til the power outages start. Oy." I said, "Our power is going out?" He looked at me like I was crazy. I apologized and said, "I don't know what you do down there," pointing to a large bronze manhole cover that I knew led to his underground world, "but I know you're taking care of us." Then he warned me to be careful on my mission that I was apparently on. He pointed to a dog/cat/creature and said to follow the animal and I wouldn't get lost and I would be protected. The animal communicated with me telepathically also and I knew would give me directions through the whiteout.

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