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UFO Dream - May 2010
I cant remember which date in May, but it was definately in May. Here is the dream:
At night, Coles carpark (supermarket in Australia) There were a large number of people in the carpark. We were all looking up at the night sky. Some people were really happy to see them. They were UFOs. These had the shape of a klingong bird of prey + a battlestar gallactica ship. They were chunkier than the klingon and not bent. Just three big sections toa main hull.
Anway, I digress... As we were all looking up, I started to get very very agitated. These people were very wrong to be happy about these 3 craft over our heads. Suddenly, they started to open fire at us, but not to kill us.They were sending these white balls of light at us as if they were tagging us with the balls of light. I started to run, because I knew that those balls of light would get me. They were after me, and people like me.
The UFOS also had beams of light - search lights - looking for us. These search lights were intelligent in the sense that the beam had some program that would immediately identify me, and others like me. I knew that I couldn't hide because the light would somehow find me and identify me.
Then one of those lights spotted me and from the beam itself a ball of light developed and spat out, got me in the wrist. I knew I had been tagged and so I stopped running. At this point, I felt my wrist really ache with the burning sensation of the tag.
A group of beings came out from the UFO and I saw that they were humans! They were working for those inside the UFOs. I waited as one approached me and grabbed my wrist to take me in. I recognised him. He is a photographer from down the road wher I work. I wanted to ask him, "how can you do this?" but I knew that he had no choice. There were others from the car park that were already being taken into the UFOs.
I asked instead, "Will this hurt?"
"Yes"he answered as he put something around my wrists
"Will I be harmed?" I asked
"Yes" he said, and he was really sad about it.
I knew deep down that my time had come to meet them and accept my end, but there was another side to me that was also fully aware that if didn't struggle, didn't angry, didn't try to fight and somehow go within and find a centre of peace, that I could transcend whatever awaited me.
I awoke in stages, but with my wrists hurting. I remember checking my wrists, hoping there was no sore, or scratch and there was nothing Smile I actually felt so relieved that it was only a dream even though it obviously would have been.
I lay in bed thinking about it, and how terrorised I felt when that light was searching for me. For the next few days, if I thought of the dream, I would be very nervous about UFOS, aliens and the whole ugly picture.
also, I do watch Star Trek - most of my DVD time and that of my son's, is this show. I'm not into most other star ship movies or series. I like the idea of a united federation - of humans for now, preferably, and if we can ever really get there.
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