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University Protestors
I was among a crowd on a University grounds. We were unhappy with the government and protesting en-mass. Suddenly an overflight by screaming aircraft began dropping small parachute bombs among us. At this point I recognized I had the same dream just the night before, and I thought "here we go again". The small parachute-bombs were of two types. Some were shock-grenades that would stun people, or kill them if too close. Some were gas grenades that were very irritating and could also be lethal in close concentration. The crowd panics, amid cries of "They're trying to kill us all!" and the people try to scatter, upwind, and downhill towards a river in town. A buddy and I made for cover towards a large multi-story building with a broadcast tower on the top. I knew how to get in, or had a key, and the two of us made our way to an upper floor. The building was deserted. From the upper windows, we observed the crowd streaming down street when suddenly a squadron of 'aircraft' in tight formation flew down the street, over the crowd, firing on people and killing them. Some made it several blocks down to the river and were fired upon while they were in the water. My buddy and I were shocked, and said "They're trying to kill us all off!" We decided to hunker down and stay hidden in the building under the broadcast tower.
The 'aircraft' were strange, wingless, triange shaped pods rather like something out of Star wars. Red and Silver in color, they seemed to be anti-gravity as they floated at relatively slow speeds over the crowds, and made the same screaming noise that the Star Wars fighters did.
This two night repeat dream occured a week or two before the riots in Thailand, where protestors took over a TV broadcast facility and burned it, and protestors were entrenched at a university. Many were shot and killed. Posted 5/20/2010

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