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Search for 200 UFOs
I will give a simplified version of this dream, since there are many inner transformational events as I encounter the objects which are in part the subject of the dream.
Basically, I had or was given a mission to find 200 UFOs that were on the earth distributed one by one in unknown places around the globe. I had to go out and find each one and in a certain order, one by one.
In the dream I possessed the ability to "remotely perceive" the location of each UFO, but so as to not create a world wide consequential problem of some kind, I had to visit each one and deal with each one in order.
So I did this, and when I arrived at each location I encountered the UFO object at that location. Each one was very large and very heavy, but I possessed the ability to pick up each one with a combination of physical strength and mental energy (such as with telekinesis) and throw it into the water on earth (near (each) the location where I found it) where it was neutralized and was no longer a threat. As I picked up each one and threw it some distance, it would continuously change form and would assume some threatening form as I picked it up and threw it into the water.
As I carried on with this task I realized the order in which I had to encounter and deal with these UFO objects corresponded to people I had known in my life, and it was these persons that somehow determined the order in which the objects had to be encountered. So it was something I had to continuously consider step by step in these encounters, I had to perceive mentally somehow the person - object - order relationship to not conduct the whole exercise incorrectly and cause a consequential fault that would negatively affect not only myself but everyone on earth.
From there the dream morphed into some other visions that I can not document, since I can not remember them with enough clarity.


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