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Dallas Texas Blast
I was on the outskirs of Dallas, Texas. It was daytime, clear and sunny weather. Suddenly the air raid sirens began to wail. I looked around and started running. In front of me was a one story cement brick building with a sign on it that read "==Fire Station). There was a long cement planter approx. 20 feet long with blooming floweres and plants. I ran up the 4 steps and burst through the doors into an office/reception area. There was a long counter with 10-12 desks behind it. To myright was a long hallway approx. 50-60 feet long. To myleft was a waiting area with 4 very large windows facing the street. Immediately I heard a huge explosion and the building began to shake violently. The windows blew in and I was knocked hard to the floor on my stomach. The concussion and wind began slidding me backwards down the hallway. I could feel my arms being scraped against the floor and hear the building coming apart around me. I thought "This is it. I'm going to die". Suddenly everything stopped and became quiet. I looked up and saw that the building I was in was destroyed. I thought "Oh my God, I'm alive".
I've never been to Texas so I don't know when flowers there bloom. Maybe year round I just don't know. The blast was nuclear. I won't even guess how many megatons. I had the impression I was on the outskirs of the city not down town. I could physically feel, hear and smell everything in this dream. It was 3-D as if I was experiencing it in my waking body. I have never in my lifetime nor in a dream, had the feeling that I was going to die. This dream means something. What I don't know but I'm not going to Texas any time soon!

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