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something menacing under the sea floor
March 11, 2010: I thought of them as deep sea divers - but they weren't too deep, where there was lots of marine life, like a rich, immense coral reef, but an unexplored area. Researchers, investigating something mysterious. A sense of something impending, almost on the cusp of discovery - except that as the viewer I knew what was about to be discovered was incredibly dangerous. A creature underlying the whole sea floor. Something on which all the other life rested. One scientist was looking for something else, but meanwhile she got closer and closer to... this thing that threatend to come ou from teh sea floor . It was like all the inhabited parts of the sea floor were a cover for this incredibly powerful, possibly threatening amorphous life form The floor was like the hinged shell of a bivalve, the researcher was probing at the edges, lifting the "flap" of the undersea world and just under the edge it was actually the creature. Its frightening aspect was a devouring, consuming, aspect - though it didn't actually seem to be eating anything. But?My researcher kept lifting the eges, running her hand along the underside. close. so close. The sense was of something hidden under layers, though because I was watching/observing, I could see it. A white "mouth" fringed like a giant clam. One reach far enough and the woman touched it. Something sticky came off in on her hand and she immediately knew it wasn't right - drew her hand out and then sat as if stunned. It seemed to make her frozen.Slight scene change and the researcher and her colleague were huddled at the feet of two GIANT pigeons. No longer underwater, but up in some dark loft somewhere. The pigeons seemed stupid and unreachable. It seemed they were about to start pecking and tearing at the defenseless people. Somehow the researcher hollered, which triggered me to holler and we shouted at the pigeons, startling them away.And then a shift and she was being dropped off by helicopter in Indonesia. Not Muslim Indonesia but more traditional than that - onto a long series of wooden docks. Children were playing, leaping into the water. In the near distance a vast city skyline (Singapore? something like that). The woman was there to investiage this worldwide sea-phenomenon - but she was searching for a very particular person, an elder, a medicine man, a shaman. Someone hard to find, someone very well protected within community and by his traditional knowledge. But she knew that he would understand what it was all about and would help her integrate her experience and knowledge and would know how to lessen the danger.

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