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Bus Stop / Confiscation
05-19-2010 Last night I dreamed that I was in a bus stop, about half way between Burlington and Greensboro NC which used to be fairly remote. This bus stop does not exist; I"ve only been 2-3 times before in dreams and I always miss my connecting bus. The same thing happened last night.The bus stop was run down and run by a Mom & Pop outfit. There are only 3-4 busses a day that stop at this location. I went to the bathroom after getting off the first bus and while I was in there I missed the next bus. The lady running the stop was apologetic and gave me extra clothing and food while I waited for the next bus which wouldn"t arrive for at least half a day/night. She started cleaning the bus stop because she wanted to make a good impression on the other customers. Two customers wanted me to walk with them so we went outside and after a minute we were in the city which I thought was strange because I knew Greensboro was a good 20 minute car drive from the bus stop. It appeared we were in a large area about the size of a football field. This park resembled the Mall area in Washington DC. Suddenly three circular disk-shaped airships appeared about 50 yards overhead that didn"t make any noise. As they hovered closer I could see that each contained 3 American-type pilots. One of them stalled out and landed on the ground nose first but recovered and resumed hovering over the park. There were about 50 people in the park by now who were amazed. I took out my cell phone and started to take pictures of one of the aircraft. I was the onlyone taking pictures. The pilots laughed and pointed at me. The aircraft took off and then some Army officials came out and started confiscating all cell phones. I saw an elderly lady with a small basket and I asked her to hide my cell phone. She did. I woke up. IMPRESSIONS: My impressions are that the significance of this related to the confiscation efforts by the authorities. The bus stop signifies that it is one of 'those dreams'.

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