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High Tech Pyramids and underwater cathedrals
I dreamt that i had went to, i suppose, a pyramid in Giza and found an entrance at the top of the pyramid. So i went in the shaft that went straight down with a rope and i began to repel into this gigantic chamber that was totally dark buy as i went down this glowing turbine began to become aparent. I was in awe at how efficently it worked even after thousands of years of operating. I repeled past the slow moving blades to find this tunner that glowed as well that seemed to snake on forever into the earth. When i walked into it i seemed to zoom through it going down for a long time but never made it to the bottom.

Had a similar one years before where i find this underwater cathedral that is built so beautifully with the sun shining through stain glass windows. there is a pool of water in the center of the large room and i dive right in to find this huge network of intersecting tunnels.
This news made me think of this old dream. How fun to dream that the pyramids harnessed energy and studies show that they actually do!
Thank you for posting the link Maxx786

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