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Texas Flood (SR Vaughan style)
A recent meditation brought about the seeing of the end to the drought in Texas, However, it was with a flood. Now it seemed as it rained hard, it wasn't biblically hard, just that the dry ground did not soak up water and everything stayed on top. This was seen to cause some places to be in water for close to a month.
Wow, the date is 2011 on this! What a cool surprise.

Well, Texas had a gigantic flood in 2013, and way back around '98 or '99 and 97? But water staying around for a month could only be fulfilled currently if, God-forbid a lot more rain is coming. It does finally soak-in even there, eventually.

Except....I forget that parts of dreams are metaphoric or symbolic, and Texas already has reported lakes that were almost gone, improving and the Guadalupe River was being tubed again this weekend.

I did not see your post and just asked Eagle about the time stamp Nanny.
This is confusing as to how this got here or how the time stamp happened the way it did.
So, how did this old dream get here?
Ahh, thanks Twiceblessed~ well, I am seriously fatigued that in this sorta-zombie state I am enjoying this alternate reality/fog. Why spend time on fiction when reality's such a trip!?

I forgot to state that I did not realize that NDC had even had a website back in 2011.
And is Kevin new (says he joined in may 2015), or is he one of the 4.000 re-enter people?
Hi Kevin, if you in fact posted this today. ( I have no idea what is going on).
It's in the imported, old dreambase, but...

every other dream at the top of that list is dated this or last? year...gotta peek again. So, I'm still fascinated at's as if it was placed at the top of the old dream base list for us because of the current, new water/tsunami/wave meme. I mean that's how the kid in me feels.

(05-26-2015, 04:49 PM)twiceblessed9 Wrote: So, how did this old dream get here?
Nanny, if you see that a post of mine is missing, you are not crazy. I deleted it because it just sounded...crazy. lol
the boss has not had this dream site that long, he took over the old dream site that George Ure had and then connected this site to it, Chris has only been working on his dream research for a little over a year. Those older dreams were from another person's research.
Twice: I deleted my crazy responses, too. Smile

It goes to show how clean the old DreamBase database was, because everything seems in tact, including the actual post date and the number of times that dream was clicked. Pretty cool because we do all our searching under this umbrella. Unfortunately, the old Wordpress blog database was a complete disaster. What a mess. I really wish I could get that transferred over so that we can search those blogs, too.

Nanny: What I really wanted to say earlier is that this dream is remarkably connected to the recent Texas flood, without a doubt. I humbly thank you for finding this dream because it will be highlighted in my big re-introduction email to all our old members. Need to do that soon. Hopefully tomorrow??? I don't know....lots of travel stuff I have to get done (like find a car that will get there Smile )

Eagle1, your search engine brought it without any work. Thanks for it working so well.

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