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Crown Jewels
The Rain is pouring down.. as a helicopter quickly lands in the front lawn of the Castle in England Prince william is jumping out his body Guards are surrounding him as he run's towards the castle. The castle is in ruins.. One of the guards is talking to another and says I can't beleive that they are all dead. The other one says yeah some sort of sickness.. then all the rioting in the street. Looks like people marching on the castle gates hate in their eyes..The prince is flushed as he says we have to get the crown jewels.
In the united states it is the same way. The president is rushing through a tattered and crumbling white house with rioters and people looting all around. Quick get in the bunkers they move quickly to a hidden panel in the big room.. it leads down.. The illness I can't beleive it came up so quick..
Then I see the prince he is dragging and the other guards are dragging gunny sacks of jewels.. Kate comes and grabs the end of the bag with him. He turns and smiles to her. thank god you are ok. I was worried that you would get sick to.. she smiles back she is pregnant.
They go to the tower room and there under the stairwell is a hidden room where they drag the jewels then quickly start blocking up the door then shutting another. They move back into a great room there is banging on the door and quickly they disappear from site as they slide into the depts of a dark tunnel way.
Now I am on the streets there is rain and cold people are frantic.. the smell of chaos once wealthy are walking in rag's food shortages and sickness the markets are long gone gold is being wheeled in wheel barrels to buy a loaf of bread and the sickness is there..
War, Famine, the feeling of the depth of despair. the leaders have hidden but aren't safe...
i think is a good time to bring thsi one the the front page
Wow, indeed. Thanks for finding this, Vieasombra!

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