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Eagle1's Trophy Case
Validated Precognition #1 for Eagle1

We verified this precognitive DF Headline, which predicted: Food stats released on 10 Oct will be amazing (and based on California Drought)

Links for Documentation:

Dream Link (2014-10-04)

News Link (2014-10-04)

(Score Format = WHAT-WHERE-WHEN)

WHAT: 5 out of 5 -- The news from multiple places have same subjects and verbs, and we even see the the term "Global...yields are already beginning to decline." Canada is a major part of the news, but "global" from the other news incorporates the various areas indicated in the prediction.

Other news: 25 Devastating Effects Of Climate Change | Leslie Baehr and Chelsea Harvey | Oct. 11, 2014, 10:14 AM

10. Global wheat and maize yields are already beginning to decline.

"While warming temperatures might initially help certain crops, the overall picture is negative. Global crop yields are slowing down as a result of events related to climate change, like reduced rainfall and higher temperatures.

Wheat and maize have already been negatively affected in certain regions, as shown in the chart below. The IPCC points out several scenarios in which food and cereal prices have rapidly increased following extreme weather events since their last report in 2007. The new report predicts continued drops in global wheat and maize production, which could lead to food scarcity and political unrest."

Includes amazing stats chart:

More news:

WHERE: 2.5 out of 5 -- The biggest news that was directly tied to the California drought was from British Columbia, so the news did not come from LA. The origin of the news is only worthy of 1 point for being in the same continent. The news about global yields came out of NYC, so that would net 2 points for being in the same country. However, the fact that the California drought is mentioned in the article should push the location up to 3 points for being in the correct state. However, we'll decrease 0.5 because no other locations were mentioned from the prediction. Thus, 2.5

WHEN: 5 out of 5 -- Most of these news articles were published on Oct 10th. The global yield article was on the 11th. We go with the highest score, which is 5 out of 5 for being on the correct day.

Therefore, this dream/news combo receives the following score: 5 - 2.5 - 5
- Pat on the back, self!!
- For a detailed description of how precognition is scored, navigate to

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