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Aircraft carrier hit by missile
This dream was in two parts.

In the first part, my wife and I had been evacuated onto an aircraft carrier. I recall I was asking why we had been evacuated; there was no answer. In terms of emotions, I suppose confusion would be the closest. At the end of the dream, someone was saying that the aircraft carrier had been hit by a missile, the word "silkworm" was used so I take it that was the type of missile that had hit the ship. I did not feel the ship rocked by an explosion and it was not going down at the time my cat woke me up (which at least allowed to remember the dream).

Upon falling asleep, I was now on a dock. There were two missiles out on the dock. I don't recall if there were any other people. I could tell the missiles were small, I interpreted them to be shoulder launched type missiles. In the dream I asked how these missiles could sink an aircraft carrier, they're shoulder launched. I did not get an answer, I was woken by one of the cats again at this point.
Interesting. We may have been way ahead on the predictions when we did the intentioned dream program. The medical ship looks a lot like an aircraft carrier. The "silkworm" was a chinese anti-ship missile, and now we have covid19, which started in earnest in China.
Yes, we get the information but never enough to fill in the blanks so we have a good head's up. It's always an after-the-fact situation, where an event occurs and we can point to a dream or a bot run and say, "Nailed it!"

I honestly don't know a way around that.
I decided I should see if there was more to "silkworm", since my memory was jogged on this dream by the article. Silkworms were domesticated in China, not necessarily Wuhan or Hubei, but maybe it's a clue to us all. They have an interesting output:

Chronic bronchitis. Developing research suggests that serrapeptase can significantly reduce coughing and thin secretions in people with chronic bronchitis after about 4 weeks of treatment.

Something to consider as a supplement if you have a soar throat or coughing. Given the statement that serrapeptase breaks down proteins, maybe it's particularly good at breaking down corona virus' protective protein.

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