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The Encounter
The Encounter

Waking up in an indistinct place with my husband, Mark, next to me, the understanding that our three children were in nearby rooms came upon me. A man entered our room and began working on some type of instrument with a wheel. He told us to call our children.

We got up and looked into a mirror but the reflected image was slightly different than our usual appearance. While we were marveling at this, our image changed back into what we knew as us.

We then joined Kyle and Audrey and went into a large room where, to our surprise, there were many Melanie's and Mark's and Kyle's and Audrey's. Each family looked very much like us but with slight differences in height, hair color, and other cosmetic characteristics.

We all began to discern that we were the same family but in different variations. No words were spoken as the knowledge that we were all from different dimensions permeated the family groups.

With this recognition came extreme joy and curiosity. I began studying other Melanie's and comparing my features and traits to theirs. I then began reviewing all the Kyle's and Audrey's and comparing them to my Kyle and Audrey.

It was then that I missed Emily. I said in a normal voice, "
This dream was cut off. The end was the most significant part for me. I asked where all the Emily's were. The families all looked at me and my Emily was hiding behind me. All the families came over and marveled at her crying and over joyed to see her. No words were spoken, but I was made to understand that their Emily's had died. The significance fir me was that my Emily was born 7 weeks early and had almost not made it. All this information was telepathically given. They wanted me to know she was one in a multi level universe and no matter how difficult her life has been, she is very special and has a special purpose to fulfill in this lifetime.
Wow. You have a very special Emily then. This seems like a very significant dream not only for you, but for us all. Thank you for sharing it. Smile
I concur with Goldengirl. I'll have someone check the old database and try to import the rest. Sorry about that.

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