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Glossary: Regularly-used words at the NDC
This thread explains NDC vocabulary. This glossary is just a short list describing the words you'll find just about everywhere on this site.

Bot: a computer program that spiders around looking for specific stuff.

Day Residue: If a dreamer watches TV or has a significant experience and then dreams about it later, that is day residue. Day residue can manifest at an individual level or on a collective level. Thus, some Dreambot runs will have day residue in them (such as a big football game, etc.)

DreamBot: a bot used to search the internet for dreams. It compiles all the words from those dreams and sends back the results in it's pre-determined mission specifications.

DreamBot Runs: This is simply when the bot is sent out on it's internet mission. Our standard daily bot run is the DreamBot4. When the bot run returns, we compare the highest-surging words (i.e., the words that are being used more frequently than normal in the collective dreams) with what our local dreamers are dreaming. When there's a clear overlap, this indicates a possible future event lurking, and we conduct further investigation.

Elders: People that have been here from the start of this site, responsible for seeing that things run smoothly.

Meme: A collection of overlaps from DreamBot runs and/or dreams and might also be called themes or overlaps. Memes are important because they might demonstrate day residue or precognitive events.

Moderators: Trusted agents who have the power to change, delete, warn and ban posts; responsible for seeing everyone plays nice.

Paradigm 3:
A revolutionary program that predicts future events and then changes the future to something more beneficial for humanity. For a full description of this program, and to learn about how to participate, see this link:

     P1: The team of dreamers inside of Paradigm 3 who see the future at night during sleep.

     P2: The team of creators inside of Paradigm 3 who change the future to something more beneficial for mankind.

     DF: "DreamForecaster"...These people look at DreamBot linguistics, P1 dreams, and P2 intentions to formulate major predictive headlines for future events. Those headlines get published here:

Precognition / Precognitive Dream: Seeing the future before it happens. A precognitive dream occurs when the person dreams about something that actually happens in the future.

Tickle: Even if a prediction or precognitive dream doesn't come true, it may get a tickle. A tickle happens when a prominent news agency or website makes a hypothesis or prediction that directly resembles the earlier prediction.

See a word that's not on our list?  Contact Us.

Inspired by esholars, a valued NDC Elder.

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