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Christmas City and a black cat demon
In the beginning portion of this long dream I was navigating a monstrous, foreign looking city that was decorated with the same imagery as Christmas. Reds, greens, whites. Stripes, evergreens, snow. The roads looked like guided ice, solid as can be. I could not make out the inhabitant's faces as they rushed by me in strange open sleighs and vehicles on the roads in a snowy night sky.

It was stunningly foreign, and I felt immediate culture shock and panic. The pace at which the world was moving had no time to offer me understanding. I was concerned with being crushed at a moment's notice. The way the alley's moved with variable stark changes in elevation made it hard to discern road from sidewalk. I do not recall entering the buildings, I felt unable to as the inhabitants were gigantic and I would surely find my fate.

Eventually, I found the edge of the city. The reds blacks and white faded out as I entered the downtown. The sound of the bustle faded. The sky assumed the form of more of a grey with heavy overcast. The buildings were dilapidated and extremely far apart. There were almost no trees the eye could see.

Up the road to my left was a mini mall strip. There was a long sidewalk on the opposite side of the street I had to traverse to be able to cross and reach the mall. It was almost a journey. About half a mile or more. As I got further down, I heard a noise behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw the tiny silhouette of a short, old man walking with a cane. I kept walking and I heard him increase his pace, and I looked again to see he was closer. I began walking faster, and I'd look and see him a long stone's throw away. I stood on the opposite side of the mall. I looked behind me, and he was right next to me.

It was an old Asian man. He stood about four feet tall. He looked homeless and beaten by the weather. I was fearful, but I wanted to appease him as I felt so lost and vulnerable. I do not remember our conversation. He spoke to me, but I was studying him closely as he looked very strange in a multitude of ways. He was grotesque. He could have been 300 years old, decaying alive with no broken skin. His hair was so thin it almost wasn't there. He had a long, white mustache and a thin stripey beard. I felt in the conversation he took a mentor-like patronizing approach. I slowly lost fear of him, and he asked me where I wanted to go.

I told him "to the mini mall over there". We crossed, and we walked up to a restaurant. I have not seen a single (Human) person other than this man the entire dream. We stood outside the door, and I read a sign on the window. It had a strange message, but I have lost it in time. The door opened, and children began to slowly walk out in single file. It was a school class, I assumed. I held the door for them, and the old man stood on the other side grinning. Suddenly, to my horror, the old man turns his angle slightly. This moment felt like my perception of time had slowed to a crawl. When he turned, the angle of the light revealed his true form. This was quite a sight in real time, as it seemed like he phased through another dimension with the right light ray. I felt like I had felt this form's presence the entire time, and this confirmed my feeling.

He was a mangy black cat man. He was humanoid, and somewhat ethereal. He had slightly human facial features, but his eyes, nose, ears, and the structure of his mouth was feline. His age was also reflected in this form. But I also had a feeling his pestilent appearance was a reflection of his nature.When he assumed this form, he began to scratch the passing children's faces at an incredible speed. His cat form would jump out and swipe at their faces as his 3rd dimensional form would stand smiling as I held the door for them. The hate in the lashes was real, to which he derived a sick humor of their ignorance to their own pain. I let out a chuckle or who as he did this, as he would make direct eye contact with me as he'd lash out, perhaps judging my reaction. I knew he would not hurt me, but I was terrified.

I then awoke in a run-down hotel room. I thought I was actually awake, because I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time. I then felt stuck in the room, and I flipped the TV on. It was static, and then a picture of a black house cat with a skull face appeared on the screen. I thought, "Oh my God, I have to take a picture of this so people will believe me about the black cat man". I successfully took the picture. I studied the photograph, then... Ahah! I reached my conclusion(?). I proclaimed to myself, in absolute certainty and revelation, "Everybody knows that face".

I woke up.


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