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test drive to a strange house
im test driving a car. the salesman is currently driving. we stop at a gas station for a drink. he goes in. I make sure hes not watching and I leave. I don't get in the drivers seat I somehow drive from the passengers seat for a couple blocks. then I get to an empty field and I adjust the seats a little and I start to drive away. but I think "this is silly. why don't I get into the drivers seat". so I do and I adjust the seats some more and turn on the radio. then I wait for the traffic so I can get back on the road.
next scene I drive to this house that is no ones I know in reality but I have seen in other dreams. while im driving I stop at a gas station. I go inside looking for something. I saw some donuts but not the kind I like. so I was looking into a storage area to see if there were anymore there. there were other people in the store and the worker was helping them, but she saw me me looking and said "theres more donuts over here". but I had looked there too so I said " I don't see the kind I like. I like the regular glazed ones". so anyway I drive up to the house. this time its my parents house. I go inside. its getting pretty dark outside. I look for people and call out "hello?" my daughter comes. this house my parents don't own. they are renting it but the owners left stuff in it. we are looking in the cabinets for juice. I see theres a whole shelf around the sink area that's full of medicines. some are my parents but some belong to the homeowner. theres signs that the owner ran a day care in the house before. theres pop tarts in little pouches taped to one shelf door with the names taped on them of the children they belonged to. looking for juice I find a spray bottle with Gatorade. and I think "well that's better than nothing. we can drink it at some point." then I find a 25 pound BAG of honey. its a plastic bag like a bag of rice except its honey. I pointed it out to my daughter. I called out to my dad "this is a kinda cute house. do you like it"? he didn't answer but I knew he didn't care. then I went looking for a cup and noticed all the dirty cups and commented about all those dirty cups all over the counter but if you leave a cup anywhere else in the house its the end of the world - meaning my mom will be 10 kinds of pissed off at you for it. then my aunt was there. she wanted a chair. my dad says "theres one of those big blue ones in the basement. you want one of those?" my aunt says yes and I say I will help you. so we go to the basement. the basement is weird, creepy, dusty old wood-like and old barn. theres a door that leads outside - like straight out - day light is coming in. at first I don't see any blue chairs. then I see a broken blue chair like those plastic stackable ones that schools use. I ask my aunt if its one of those. then theres a bunch of dog, puppies and kittens that are wanting outside through the door. the door has a very strange lock and the keys are on a little ring hanging right there. one of the mom dogs - like a black poodle mix that looks really matted and uncared for - growls a lot. she has an extra leg. I open the door so they can all go out. my aunt went on looking in the huge basement. I mess with the kittens a little but then im trying to re-lock the door and I cant find the right key. I asked my aunt what kinda chair we are looking for - like a lazy boy or something? while messing with the lock. she comes back with a huge blue chair that's somehow folded up like a suitcase. im fiddling with he keys and someone says "its that one".
new scene: I hear something about the sands of the seashore and then something about a new song.

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