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corrupt cops or polite police?
I am in the back of a truck watching a street scene unfolding before my eyes. I see light brown lawn bags of pure leaf drugs like cocoa leaves (cocaine) and marijuana, opium buds lining the curbs for the police to collect.
I look around for bright orange uniforms of inmates that usually so the scutt work for the correctional corporate system but only see uniformed cops picking up the bags. They are not in SWAT gear, just usual script.
These are thrown into their personal trucks not government issued ones. This is done in the darkness of night, no fuss and the police personnel doing this seemed orderly about it.
I go back to my apartment to think this over as I am not sure what to do about the information. qho do I report this to?
I am uneasy as there is no one around I can trust and am not sure if I was seen watching the whole activity.
I am now holding a shotgun in my hands. its balanced on the window sill waiting for the police who are going door to door to round up potential perps much like they did for the Boston Bombing suspects, and I know I am innocent, yet I am a witness to the real crime.
I see them coming up my steps so get the trigger cocked actually it is a pump action. One of the cops hears the cock of the pump and freezes in his tracks. "She's up here! Let's get her"
I don't shoot as I know this is suicide. They have nano drones, gas pellets, and SWAT gear now.

I go into the living room to prepare to surrender to stay alive even though that rails against all my instincts and I see my ex husband sitting calmly in a chair wondering what I am doing.
I tell him the cops are coming to round us all up.
He tells me "Nonsense, they are kind and polite they won't hurt a soul."
I tell him , " Bullshit! Read the news, look at history. that speaks volumes about their intentions."
His reply is, " Its over, time is up. We are the meek. This is all a facade. You will see who these guys are for real; they aren't what you think. Get rid of the past filters. think out of the box".
I realizes a this admonition that I would never choose to live in an apartment in a city at this stage so why I am there was to be witness to something. I also would not be there with my ex although we are still friends, so I know he is a metaphor for the past as the shotgun belonged to him. That is a symbol for anger, revenge, harm.
We've all evolved since then.

This is the first actual dream beyond snippets I've had in along time. Therefore the firewall may be deactivated in my dream state.

Beyond personal reasons, the dream symbols felt like a major change is upon the planet. Its what we've all been waiting for-
Where is the money-wealth that derives from selling all those drug plants going? Is it laundered or is it distributed to the masses and is that why it is under the 'cover' of darkness- so the greedy cannot see they are the ones being robbed- like Robin Hood, Rich to poor.

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