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the restroom game
went with my daughter to a game at her high school. I had to use the restroom. had to hunt all over for one. finally found it. the door was broken . the top part of the door was supposed to have little blinds but they were all broken off. I pulled it closed and looked through it at the woman sitting in the reception area. there was an outer door so I pulled it closed. now this "restroom" was like a storage room. there was a bed to my right. but somehow the bed was the toilet. whoever used it previously - ugh it was disgusting. there was a waterproof plastic cover on top of the bed. anyways I was in there a long time cleaning it before I could use it but I assume I eventually did use it. I came out and went back to the game. then my daughter said she had to go. so when she had been gone a long time I went to see where she was. when I got there the woman I asked if my daughter was still there. she said yes and she is going to have to leave now. I said why? she said she was being way too loud. I said how? she said she was playing music in there very loudly. I couldn't hear anything. they started to preach to me about "the Bible says...." I was like "what are you talking about???" my daughter came out and I waved for her to go back to the game so she did. both of the women got out their little black bibles and started to read to me. "I was like what book are you reading? I have never heard this?" they said "the book of dominoes" I said "what?!?! that must be apocrypha! don't read to me stuff that isn't even in the bible" stuff that man wrote that isn't inspired by God. they gasped at me like they were so shocked and offended. I walked away back to the game. it was endin. everyone was leaving. I found my daughter. she asked what the women were telling me. I said "catholic stuff".
note: when I dreamed this I had no idea what apocrypha was or why I would call it catholic stuff in my dream. I felt offended they were preaching at me like little holier-than-thou's

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