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horse school
first I was at a stable. I went to my horse to work with him a little. he was retired 20 years ago when he was 20 and has not been ridden since. he just gets lots of love and attention. but I wanted to ride him just a little. so I took him in the round ring inside the stable and I was so pleased he remembered his commands. I wanted to just trot around the ring a couple times, because I haven't ridden since he retired, nor will I ever show another horse. but I went around the ring about halfway and 1) that was enough for his old bones and 2) the ring was cluttered with all kinda junk. so I got off and gave him lots of hugs and kisses and put him away.
new scene: im at school - high school in the first class I think. we get to go to a special class instead od our regular class. we get there and its like yoga, but some of the positions are really weird. I think the instructor didn't know what she was doing. my friend was screwing around and not even trying. the instructor freaked out at my friend and grabbed her mat and threw it at her and said "don't treat my class like its recess!" then she went back to teach everyone else aother reslly bizarre move. my friend said to me "whoa! what the heck was that, man?" I said "well, you are just screwing around like its recess though." she said "it kinda is recess. we are just laying here on these mats doing made up excercises." then the class is over and we walk out to the hall to go to the next class.
new scene: this class I think im like a freshman in college. im walking to my next class and running late. theres this guy who asks for help to get a coke out of the machine. he's like "do you have a quarter? the machine took one of mine and I don't have 1 more. I said I don't know if I have a quarter but I have some change." so we get to the machine and hes like "oh nevermind somebody else used the change I already had in there." but I started putting more change in to get him a coke anyway. then I flash forward to me going into a classroom. but I walk in and theres 2 ladies sitting in student chairs and the instructor is at the front table with some kind of machine and a horse. the machine is black and there are 2 parts. looks like the configuration of a stereo and 1 speaker attached, but I don't think it was a stereo. I didn't look long enough to see what it was. I was embarrassed because this obviously wasn't my class. I hought to myself I mustve had the times wrong because I have a class in that room. so I asked someone I knew whos class I should go sit in on. she said something like "lorloo". I went to find that class. someone asked where is James. I said "I saw him. he's coming he's just running late." they said why. I said" I don't know. I think he said he had 'the runs' ".

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