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Disabled Scarecrow
Scarecrow into whom I've invested a lot of energy or caring. Perhaps he is disabled, can't walk? He is sitting in a convertible in the sun.
Earlier I am walking through a museum of sorts. It is openair and contains presidential items. Things from the White House, from Barack and Michelle Obama.
First I walk with a companion, a friend who is black and a middle-aged woman like me, and we look at all the things and discuss them. In this museum apparently you can touch and even try things on.
Later, I am walking with younger people, and I am younger too, and we are trying to prove ourselves for something: a test of sorts. We are told to walk the perimeter, but don't touch half of the bricks, or something like that. We also have to do hard math problems, and my partner at this part of the dream, a young skinny white girl with a tightly curled mop of hair, says it would be great if I could do the math while she does something else. I explain that I like math now, but the way I was taught was weird and fear-inducing and I have big gaps in my knowledge base as a result. I often think I could be really good at math, had I been taught differently, but that for now I am not able to help much with the math problems. She says, "That is too bad, because it looks like that is what we need now for the test." We are walking up a wide wooden staircase in an old building, like an old city hall or something.
Then we are still walking the perimeter, and looking down on an open area. Two strange large animals are frollicking in the grove below. They are cute, but possibly dangerous. They see us and run up to where we are on the wall last in the line of people taking the test, and start licking me. They may be dangerous, but right now they are being friendly and curious. We have to keep walking.

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