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CameTrue Balloons
The scene was a hotel on the beach in Florida.  I was with a small group but was not lifelong friends with any of them.  There were males and females.  We were in some holding situation but had a few days to hang out before we were expected to leave, we were waiting for some type of flying transportation to arrive and leave the American coast.  Most of the dream occurred outside in the parking lot.  I heard the sound of a helicopter and looked up which is typical of me in real life.  It was loud and hovering quite low, just a few hundred meters above the ground.  It resembled a Coast Guard rescue helicopter, quite powerful. There were low lying clouds as well, so low they could be called fog.  Immediately I saw a second aircraft but it was a jumbo jet, it had a fat fuselage and seemed to be a passenger jet.  The jet flew so close to the helicopter I thought they would crash, just as they missed each other I heard a tremendous boom from above the helicopter, maybe between the two aircraft.  It was shielded by the clouds and there was no reason or explanation for the explosion nor did it damage the aircraft(s). The jet passed and soon thereafter several large balloons flew by on the same course as the jet, basically all headed off shore over the Atlantic Ocean travelling NW to SE.  The balloons were long and did not appear to have passengers or a pilot, just a helium balloon.  They reminded me of cigar shaped ufo's but only 30-40 meters long. One or two dropped so low it ripped on the trees and crashed.  That was not a big deal.  All these aircraft were bright red/ orange in color, like Coast Guard red/orange but a bit brighter. The plane had some white markings as well.  We walked around a bit to watch the balloons pass over. There were plenty of people and I noticed a lot of girls in bikinis.

At this point we grouped together again and started reading hotel signs to find a parking spot, our vehicles must have been parked wrong/ illegally.  It was as though we needed them to be in a safer place as we were going to leave in a few days.  There was a sort of hush about those of us who were expecting to depart, like some sort of secret known only to a select few.  After some time in the parking lot we decided to return inside the hotel.  We never re parked our cars, there was no open spaces.  Upon entering the hotel I noticed a ranking military commander wearing modern digital OD green camouflage (bdu's.)  He seemed to be a Pentagon official and he was getting in the elevator, we stayed on that floor, maybe the 2nd floor.  I asked him about the draft as there was some chatter about some type of draft, as if we might be looking at war as a country.  He was non responsive and wanted nothing to do with me, the elevator closed and he was gone. There were about four us now waiting at the end of the hallway floor still discussing the draft when my dream ended.

It was strange to dream about so many aircraft, all red/orange, and also knowing we had to leave but not knowing exactly where or how we would travel.  It was as if there might be cataclysmic change predicted and as if we were going to leave by flying east from Florida over the Atlantic.  I did not want to go where we were allegedly being taken but it was one stroke better than staying on the mainland.
Man Who Recorded Blimp Crash: "We Heard Explosions..."
Published on Oct 31, 2015  Pete Santilli Show
Wow, I'd say this is a #CameTrue, Cathartid! And almost a full year since the dream, which is not very common in the precognitive science world. I am particularly interested in the Pentagon / military commander. The crashed blimp was an Army surveillance asset, apparently. Thus, the dream character wearing BDU's could simply be referring to who owned the balloon. HOWEVER, what if this actually represents what comes next? That is, the military folks were secretly evacuating and planning to establish a draft, as if the country were at war.

Time for P2, AD!!

#CameTrue, and let's hope the precognition ends here! Thanks for documenting this, Cathartid. I'll establish your new trophy case shortly.

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