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Land changes
I was looking at a map of the US as it is now. "Pay attention," said a voice behind me. An old-fashioned pointer appeared and pointed to Memphis. "It starts here," the voice said. The pointer traces upwards on the map towards the Canadian border and halts on the Great Lake. "And it goes this far north." The pointer then trailed straight down to the Gulf of Mexico. "And this far south." As I watched, the map split, as if the country split in two.

Then the pointer stabbed to the right and traced a straight line to the Atlantic Ocean. "There will be effects across this distance-" The pointer moved to the left, almost to Oklahoma City. "-And across this distance. Not as pronounced in this direction,however." The map shifted again, to indicate the US southeast was now a separate land mass, with the FL peninsula nonexistent. The remaining area of the east coast was still attached to Canada. The western side of the country appeared to have a huge gash across the midwest. New York City was gone completely, as were all the cities in the main affected areas and along the east coast. Where there was once land, now was water. Gulf Coast areas were underwater. In Texas, water now reached almost to San Antonio. The Yucatan peninsula in the south was a mere bulge.

The voice continued, "There will be little warning and even less time for the population in those areas to evacuate. There will be loss of human life in the millions. Financial losses will be ongoing for the next century."

I didn't know what to do or say beyond, "Is there anything that will stave off this disaster?"

"No," said the voice. "The event is already in early stages and will escalate with human activity that disregards the land."

"How long are you talking about?" I asked.

"That is entirely up to the humans. Given humans' propensity for fouling their own nest, not nearly long enough to even slow the inevitable."

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