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(Note: Once again, I employed the techniques to project, with mediocre results. I was awakened fully within the separation phase, replete with the shaking, vibrations and roaring, but lost it within seconds. These dream-experiences from laterSmile

Experience #1: I was flying through the night sky, looking downward. The night was clear and starry. I came across a medium-sized rural lake. The lake was showing the effects of a prolonged drought, and its bare sides were visible, where there used to be water up to those levels. As I got closer, a red star burst appeared in the sky, hovering just above the lake surface. Fireworks? Well, that did not make sense. This was winter, and this was not the Fourth of July. Suddenly, I saw rural people, Saxons, clustered in small groups around the lake. I thought these people were decent, but "hillbilly" types. As the red star burst exploded, I heard some say, "O-o-o-o-h!". As I was flying lower to see the people, I then decided to go back up to the winding road. In order to do so, I had to negotiate a steep, rutted bank, deeply dried clay,looking much like a mountain as I tried to "climb" it.

Scene #2: I am at a big wooden table, pitted. Seated at the 11:00 position was t.v. celebrity Harvey Levin. I expected him to be nasty. I was trying to be kind. I asked him if he owned any small dogs. His reply was pleasant. He said that he had owned a chihuahua. He mentioned another breed to boot, but I cannot remember it. I then saw a small 3-tier bookcase, and on the bottom level, paint cans. I pointed to one, and he said that was the color of his dog. It was a fawn colored paint.
Dear Kim,

i am doing some kind of private research about dreams. i have found something like a dreamrhythm that fits to very many dreams, and it is like this with your dream, too. I would like to be able to use this dream as part of my research, if you allow it.
I have collected many dreams of the dreambank, and many of my dreams, and some of the family. Up to the date dreams from swiss, americans, a german man, and a spanish woman fit in this rhythm to precognitive dreams. And so does yours.

I would be pleased if i could use your dream. I would only use the dream date, and then something of what you have dreamt.

With the very best regards,

KimSpirit, so good to 'see' you again!! I went ahead and granted you some reputation points....had no idea you've offered that many posts/dreams without receiving any reputation!

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