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2 Choices not 2 Chances
I felt this should go into Project Ano rather than regular dreambase 2 as the dates were so clear and the deadline hasn't arrived yet. I had no focused intention upon sleep.
Metaphors were apparent even as I dreamed, which I found unusual that I was aware as though it was on a chalk board.

Snippets only-

I saw Putin. He was giving a tour of a plush accommodation not a hotel but a place (palace?) where people can stay. Metaphor popped up that it was more of a negotiation arrangement/event.
He was quite gracious, atypically so for the reasons all were there, which became a marker in the dream. It felt more like a deceptive inention yet my sense was that he was not the cul
I also sawprit, someone else was pulling the strings.
I then heard the word 'Leningrad'.
I was offered a room. I somehow knew it was not for me personally but that I was to be an observer and then messenger.
Again- it felt metaphoric yet was actually an awareness that the dream was not personally directed as dreams usually are. It was odd.

Dream shift-
I saw a spanish style church on a hill. California popped in. I was given directions (instructions?) to be on 9th as the most direct path. The second choice was 27th as an alternative.
There was only one (1) chance to take either the 9th or 27th to get to the destination, which felt like a time frame rather than location. The end point was California.
I heard the following, "If you hit California, you've gone too far" and saw the words as though in a HEADLINE or billboard - "HIT CALIFORNIA, GONE TOO FAR". I was not sure what 'hit' signified however, it felt important.

Then I was shown a piece of paper. It was coming out of the top of a printer. It was a STATEMENT rather than an invoice and the format looked like an ACCOUNTING format with a title- STATEMENT with
lines and columns.
One line was pointed out to me had a date- 1/26/2015 then the word TREATMENT. this felt like another metaphor for behavior or intention rather than a service received.
I was told to attach it to a document, however, it could not be a copy as I suggested, it had to be an original and rewritten in order for a copy to exist. the word document felt like another metaphor for the verb- 'to document'. Hence I am recording this dream in Project Ano.


I saw two doctors. What kind of doctors- PhD's versus MD? One man's name was Cohen, the other had a 'vitch' or a 'witz' at the end. Could be residue. They were present to perform a procedure.
They seemed connected to the reason for the STATEMENT having to be printed and promulgated. They were also connected to one of two (again the number 2 as for choice or chance); choices to hit California or something or someone political like the U. S president or Russian prime minister.

I was IMPRESSED by all of this as I felt NEUTRAL about it all like an umpire or observer/reporter should be.

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