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Things are not what they seem
Exploring an area with trees and grasses. A nature area but not one I recognize. I'm looking for something but I don't know what, just that it's in this place. There are other people around but no one takes notice of me. They're busy with their own activities, hiking/walking along the trails in the nature area. I'm following an energy trail through the area. A man approaches me. He acts like he knows me but I have no idea who he is. He walks with me as if we're together, chatting with me with a familiarity that has me wondering what his game is. He asks what I'm doing and I say I'm out for a hike. Anywhere in particular? he asks. No, I say, even though I know I'm getting close to my target. But I don't want him to know this so I pretend to keep walking. Once he's gone, I'll come back and explore more thoroughly.

Jump to sitting at an outdoor cafe locate in the nature area. The man is still with me. He bought lunch for me. I'm picking at my food. He's talking. I look at him and somehow I know that he's not human, even though he looks human. I know that he's from another dimension and he's here to cause problems. I also know he may not know who I am specifically but he knows of me. I understand now that he's trying to find out what I know about him. I have to be careful to not give anything away, to not let him know I'm on to him. I look around and see others like him, beings that appear to be human. I realize that what I've been looking for is a portal, a doorway between worlds or dimensions and that it's wide open, allowing these beings to come into our world to do whatever they're planning to do. I don't know how this relates to whatever water disaster that's coming but I know they're the cause.

Throughout the dream, I was calm but wary. Cautious. I knew it was imperative I not let on that I knew what was going on with these people.

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