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The Clear Deep
I was in a man-made pool at night. The pool was illuminated by an underwater light, as they tend to be. The shape of the pool was somewhat horseshoe-like, in that it had two narrow arms on the sides coming off of a wider center arch. The water was uniformly waist deep. I walked in the pool from the left arm through the middle part and down the right arm, followed by a younger man. At the end of the right arm, we exited the pool and ran along a pathway over a hill. On the other side of the hill was a lake, into which we stepped.

At this point, night changed to midday. The sky was bright blue and clear. I could see that the lake was something like Lake Powell, with the difference that the water was absolutely clear; so clear that it was difficult to tell where the water left off and the air started. There was no distortion of the submerged landscape, which extended deep beneath the surface. It was quite beautiful and stunning.

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