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The Bear/Resurrection.
After a complete absence of any dream/dream recall for past few weeks (this has perplexed me), both the vibrations and dreams returned last night, albeit with limited memory. Postscript: I looked up the term bear in the dream dictionary, and discovered that it stands for resurrection (symbolically).

Dream, from my notes:

I was in a large camp within the woods, 1940s styled construction. Stick framing. Camp was light green in color. I was with an unknown woman. I heard a commotion at the door, and could see something moving out there (viewing it from the small crack under the door). Concerned, I put my ear up to the door to listen, and heard a large beast out there, in a frenzy. It was a bear, and it was trying to get in. It growled and howled and pawed at the door. The unknown woman encouraged me to open the door to verify it was a bear. I was horrified, telling her that - if I opened the door - the bear would surely get in. I grabbed my blonde cat, Taffy (in real life, Taffy had been the substance of a dream a month ago, in which I saw him dying; that, indeed, update, Taffy, who had a less than 10% chance of survival, is back walking and eating, although weakened, and I continue to nurse him back to full health) along with another small pet (?). I rushed the two small animals to the rear of the cottage, where there was a kitchen, with a small penned in area made of wire for pets. I threw the cat and the other animal there for safety. Bad decision! The bear broke through the rear door and entered the camp, intent upon killing the two pets and then us. The two pets scampered out of the wired pen. I was able to charge the bear, chasing it back outside, where I started to cut it, in an effort to save our lives. It rose up on its two legs at me, like a man. In spite of this, I had the upper hand. I knew I was in the fight of my life.

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