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Premonition dates
There was a bat in the room where my husband and I were sleeping. I was trying to get it to feel less scared and tried to attract it to myself, then eventually it came down and nuzzled up close to my head. Then my fears were confirmed and it bit my neck and left a big ugly mark. I checked it in the mirror and then shooed the bat out the door to the outside world. (note: bad idea, should have grabbed it and gone to the hospital so we both could have been checked)
Then, very significantly, I was feeling half awake when I was shown a monthly calendar, and could only see the last two letters of the month; 'ry'. I felt very sure that it was January, but couldn't confirm it. I was shown the day - it was the 23rd. Strangely though, the number was in the wrong place, it was about where the 1st or 2nd should be (although it seemed more like the 3rd or 4th while I was looking at it). This felt very important (as if something were to begin there and end on the 23rd).
The calendar was full of faint fine print around the dates as if many important things were happening that month.

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