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Plane Crash / Free Stuff Seduces Crowds
Sunny mild day; outside with 2 children, 1 male 1 female, grade school age. We looked up and were surprised and excited to see 2 planes in the sky, and we realized it was a space program test. Each of the vehicles was V shaped, with the front half cylindrical; the 2 sections were meant to split apart (the front cylinder from the back V section). One of the vehicles began to burn and smoke, and came apart. Then the 2nd vehicle also came apart. I noticed the Nebraska River was on the left, and city buildings were ahead. (googled... there is no "Nebraska River", but certainly many rivers in that state). The two vehicles flew/fell past the city buildings. We tried to find where the vehicles had crashed, and had to walk a very long time. We walked past the city buildings and found the vehicles had crashed in an air field. As we got closer, we found military trucks were already taking the vehicles away.
We walked back to the city to the train station.
We were looking for a train to take us home. The weather was very cold; I tried to cover up the young girl to keep her warm. We continued to walk.
Then we were in a baseball stadium filled with people. Some invisible entity was talking and enticing people and shooting out huge quantities of food and gifts from above to the crowds. The food and gifts seemed to be appear out of thin air, and would just shoot down to everyone at once. The crowds were happy and excited. Then I noticed on the horizon very dark stormy clouds. The food and gifts kept raining down. I began to get an ominous bad feeling, and told the kids it was time to go. The stadium was so crowded it was difficult to make our exit. We had to crawl under rails and push through people to get out. We were able to leave, and a few others followed us.

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