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Two journeys.
(After an absence of any dreams and/or dream recalls for almost three weeks, the experiences returned last night, accompanied by the typical vibrational state. Of note, the vibrational state never left me. During the past two weeks, I continue to be awakened, within sleep paralysis, with simply incredible energy erupting from (usually) the heart chakra or solar plexus/chakra regions. While I remain aware during separation, I have no control. Neither can I sustain the state. I end up falling deeply asleep.

According to some research, the unusually strong earthly and planetary magnetics are currently interfering with all of our sleep states and dream/oobe experiences.)

From last night:

#1: I am in a huge older mansion, a hundred years old or older yet. Light brown. Sprawling covered porch around exterior. I see constant images of greeting cards flashing before my eyes. At least two of the cards are covered with teeny tiny spiders. (note: these cards are "messages" from the other realms; spiders indicate an awakening).

#2: I am on an unknown property/acreage with a house on it. It is my house, but it is not familiar to me. I see my felonious neighbor "in real life", Billy C., on a big tractor on my property, over the property line, my side. Also, in real life, Billy C. is illiterate, ignorant and predatory. I am trying to figure out how to get this monster off my property. I decide to challenge him, by telling him he is trespassing. As I approach Billy on the tractor, his wife appears at his side, whispering into his ear. She does not see me. Ruby is "in real life" hideously obese. However, in this form, she was again young and pretty, but still ignorant, petty and cruel. I threw her off the property, then, re-approaching her husband to do the same thing. As I did, a man crept alongside the front of my house, with a ghostly white face, a crooked eye, and other facial disfigurements, including skull, forehead, and hairline. I was "told" this was Billy's brother, coming to back him up. He had a gun in his hand. Nonetheless, I confronted him (with some fear) telling him he was trespassing on MY property, and he had to leave NOW.

Cosmic Jukeboxes: (no mystery here, my husband's favorite Margaritaville artist)

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