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Outside the box
So while with my nephew, we were out playing catch with a football, which has never happened in reality. He was really enjoying himself and decided that he was going to take up football and try to play in college, giving up swimming. I thought ok but you have no idea what you are doing, physically fit though I said okay And we'll have to get you into someplace that you can succeed and yet move up to the next level.

My neighbors son plays for a tiny school in Kansas that moves kids up from their level to d1 frequently.

Anyway my thoughts on the dream are that his parents are extremely based in the physical set in their paradigm. I have not watched football in a while, nor was I thinking about today's games, so I doubt the dream is day residue since I have not seen him in 10 days.

Time was short for him to learn this new school as he only had two years of eligibility left having competed as a swimmer so his clock was moving. The only thought I have is that we only have so much time in the physical reality here to learn and ensuring we are studying and working to what we should be and in a way which we should be is key.

Personally I was tring to ensure that he was entering into his studies at the right level prior to jumping into higher levels of study.

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