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Closing the Border
In my dream, I was working in San Marcos, Texas, just south of Austin. I noticed multiple vehicles trying to get off Interstate 35, exiting across the median or turning around in the flow of traffic. My first thought was their must be a check-point up ahead but I could not see down the road because I was a pedestrian on the west frontage road and my view to the south was blocked by a building next to the main lanes. I walked up the embankment to be able to look around the building when I realized that all the civilian traffic had disappeared and there was nothing but military vehicles, lots of them, moving south. I saw Humvees and Armored Personnel Carriers and trucks carrying lots of fencing equipment topped with razor wire. My immediate thought was, "They are closing the border!" it seemed especially significant because there had been no public announcement and I had the sense this was being done in response to some emergency of which the public was not aware.

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