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Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!
This is an especially persistent theme within my dreams, as well as my dreamer-friends. Of note, on New Year's Eve, my non-dreaming friend reported seeing this critter within her dreams that night. This from my own dream-experiences of last night:

Hypnapompic state:

I "awakened" within the cottage I am presently staying in (not yet having been able to return to the main house since the loss of my husband), looking NORTHWARD at the spot which normally contains the television on its antique radio-record-player console. I saw a bare spot on the wall instead. The t.v. was gone. Nor, could I see the console. The various t.v. boxes were also missing. I was puzzled. I got up, and walked over to the spot where they ought to be and found each item spilled over on its side. Then, I found the stainless steel refrigerator also toppled over on its side. Horrified, I tried to right it; finding components broken or askew during the appliance's fall How could this have happened? Suddenly, from behind the antique console arrived a magnificent golden tiger, with no stripes. It had been hiding there, sheepish. It had been the tiger creating the chaos, knocking over things due to its great girth. It was familiar to me, and I stooped down to pet its magnificent head, telling it I was not upset.

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