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Chaos Across the Nation
In this dream I start out in Phoenix AZ. I had to find my brother and get him out of the city. We had to escape before we were killed. I find my brother and we have to steal a vehicle to get out of the city. There were gang members yielding weapons and going crazy killing everyone that wasn't in a gang. My brother and I barely make it out of the city and start our journey up to the Northwest. We end up on foot and with several people following us to safety. We come across small groups of people that were spread throughout the country in the wilderness. We ask them for shelter for the night and food and water. Every group tells us "No you can't stay, the bad people are following you". So I turn around and there are soldiers in all black tactical gear and assault rifles coming at us and shooting at us. We take off running through the woods dodging bullets and I turn around to see them executing and arresting the people that just denied us safety and food for the night. Eventually it ends up being just my brother and I that make it to the northwest alive. It looks like the Seattle Pier. There are ships along the pier and thousands of people sitting around someone speaking. We approach the people sitting around and I grab my brother crying and hugging him falling to the ground saying "We made it Bro". I look up and see who is speaking. I swear on this that I saw his face in this dream before he ever became president. But it was Obama talking to the people and he says "well it looks like this is the last of us" and everyone starts boarding the ships and leaving the States.

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