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10/12/14 Star Trek Universe & Ripping Stars...+ Depression
It's a big day today in the bot run, but at the same time, not many big surging memes. This must be a first...A tremendously long list of words that are >100% more popular than yesterday.

Nonetheless, the big theme today appears to be the cosmos. We have "Ripping Stars", "Beginner Universe," "Trek," and even "Carl" (Sagan?)--all those cosmos-level words are connected with a red arrow.

The main grouping I'm focusing on is "Beginner universe indicate ripping star effects parallel...", which to me sounds again like the Wrinkle in Time from the 10th.

Here are some very interesting happenings:
- Barry climbs yet again, up 350%
- Forms of Depression are indicated twice in this run, which is unusual. The Great Depression is weighing on peoples' minds, even though cancer-stricken Jamie Dimon declares that he's a "Long term US bull." Okay, buddy, whatever...


Plain text version:
10/12/2014    %Change from Ave    % Change from Yesterday

trek    129.9%    1500.0%
dolphin    112.5%    1500.0%
assortment    101.6%    1100.0%
army    60.3%    1100.0%
beginner    95.4%    1000.0%
universe    54.2%    900.0%
indicate    68.7%    800.0%
ripping    103.4%    550.0%
star    159.9%    500.0%
effects    83.9%    500.0%
parallel    66.0%    450.0%
detailed    93.2%    433.3%
carl    89.6%    400.0%
depression    86.3%    400.0%
sphere    73.7%    400.0%
barry    221.5%    350.0%
win    70.7%    333.3%
toy    154.0%    320.0%
missing    58.7%    285.7%
regular    54.3%    266.7%
unexpected    99.5%    200.0%
robots    58.1%    200.0%
expectation    120.5%    166.7%
worth    89.2%    160.0%
depressed    66.6%    160.0%
hour    192.8%    147.1%
cake    85.0%    144.4%
digital    105.6%    133.3%
tons    73.3%    133.3%
imagery    172.8%    118.2%
dare    94.5%    109.1%
magic    167.4%    100.0%
murder    63.3%    100.0%
rifle    57.8%    100.0%
About parallel universes - I just posted this in Balsa's Metaphysics and Post-Materialism thread:

Someone posted this link at RumorMill

Here's a quote - it also involves interesting general and individual wrinkles in time.

"That you are all indeed very much being pushed into possible choices of timelines where such events can be experienced as reality. But it is still the same situation as it was on December 21st, 2012. That choices are made, that you are making choices each and every day and that the challenge is not to be swayed into negativity, fear and hopelessness, as is being presented en masse by controlled media to influence the populace, to influence humanity to go down the dark road. That you indeed all still have free will as to what you choose and that this free will can be used to take you into fear and hopelessness and blind panic or it can be used to choose alternative routes, to choose alternative timelines, positive timelines."

And in NADW's Paranormal thread, I posted a link to a clip from a Star Trek episode maybe parallel to our situation:
Well, Sherriann's dream is covered here, too with the cake, murder, rifle....

An event in the heavens is indicated, likely a week from now? Every October we pass through debris from Halley's comet and that's already started but will peak around 21st or 22nd, hmm.

Someday, it's written that wormwood will crash into an ocean here.

Army, depressed, depression...missing? God-forbid if Sherriann's dream fulfills, will it be a tormented troop or veteran doing it?
I am guessing this could be a case of perception and confusion.

Let's Repeal Reality
Floridian, 19, Arrested For Lewd Act With Stuffed Animal Inside Walmart Store
Dow Drops 1500 Points In 3 Weeks, Nasdaq Enters 'Correction' As VIX Breaks 30

Depression is depressing. Waiting on my secret Brain Trust to enlighten me further about how fast and how far down.
"trek dolphin assortment beginner Universe" also "indicate ripping" probably, screams CERN, IMO.

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